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Ways An AMSOIL Oil Filter Helps Boost Your Vehicle’s Efficiency

The oil filter cleans the engine oil by removing carbon residue and metal particles. Your engine cannot function appropriately without clean motor oil, and your motor oil cannot function correctly unless the oil filter works properly. You could damage or destroy the engine if you drive your car with a dirty oil filter. If you know what your oil filter is and how it works, you can tell when it’s time to change it, and replacing it with an AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter is one of the best things you can do.

An additional consideration is that if you don’t change your oil filter when it’s supposed to be changed, the engine oil may thicken, and the filter will get clogged. Eventually, this will cause engine trouble.

The Advantages of Using a Genuine Oil Filter

  • An original oil filter is a well-balanced product that does a great job of filtering and ensuring engine oil flows smoothly.
  • Long-term use of the oil filter ensures a high level of performance.
  • An authentic AMSOIL Ea oil filter is a well-balanced device that can reach a high level of filtration while keeping the oil flowing in the engine.

The Function Of Oil Filters In Automobiles

In addition to trapping dirt and grime, your oil filter can do much more. Its multiple parts coordinate to keep the oil clean and in the appropriate position.

  1. Tapping Plate- It has a central hole surrounded by smaller holes for oil to enter and exit the oil filter. Motor oil must pass through the filter material and the central hole to reach the engine.
  2. Filter Material- The motor oil filter comprises a mesh of synthetic fibres that acts as a sieve to capture dirt and filth—creating a larger surface area by folding the fabric into pleats. We recommend AMSOIL motor oil since it is more durable.
  3. Anti-Drain Back Valve- When the engine is turned off, this valve closes to keep oil from reentering the oil filter through the engine.
  4. Relief Valve- When the temperature drops, motor oil can thicken and become difficult to move through the filter. The relief valve lets out a small amount of motor oil that hasn’t been filtered. It lubricates the engine until it’s at the right temperature to flow normally. 
  5. End Discs- You shouldn’t let unfiltered oil into your engine, so the oil filter has two discs, one on each end, composed of metal or fiber.

Of course, you don’t have to commit every detail to memory, but understanding the big picture will help you appreciate why an AMSOIL Ea oil filter is a must-have.

Extending The Service Life Of Oil Filters

Each equipment has a life expectancy, but it will survive longer if properly maintained. To prolong the life of an oil filter, you should use high-quality oil, and AMSOILSignature Series engine oil is the finest option. By the time you’ve driven 3,000 miles, the recommended interval between conventional oil changes will have passed 12,000 times through the oil filter. So replace the oil on time.

Contact Us For The Highest Quality AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter

If your car is not running at its best, you must change the oil filter. If you want to find a good oil filter for a car engine, AMSOIL INC. can assist you. You can look for several options to keep your car in good shape.


Why Should You Regularly Change AMSOIL Signature Series Motor Oil?

Every motor oil ultimately loses its effectiveness and needs to be changed to provide the best engine protection. Most of the vehicles on the road have either low or unclean oil. Driving with low or contaminated oil can cause engine damage and performance issues, resulting in significant costs down the road. If you are using AMSOIL Signature Series motor oil, it also needs to be changed every year or 25,000 miles- saving money versus using the Manufacturer’s schedule using convemtional oil. That is a small fraction of what it may cost to repair your engine significantly; such engine repair expenses could cost more. 

Not changing your oil may initially save you money, but the long-term costs could be far more. Let’s examine what happens to motor oil over time and why oil changes are occasionally necessary.

Tops Benefits Of Changing Motor Oil On Time

There are multiple moving parts in an engine, and it’s essential to keep them all adequately greased to prevent wear and tear or injury. The engine’s oil performs that lubricating and protecting task. The oil starts to degrade and become contaminated while you’re driving. Extreme temperatures, dirt, debris, and other pollutants gradually dilute and destroy the oil. All these factors contribute to the engine oil losing its efficiency and capacity to lubricate properly. Your car’s performance decreases when the oil cannot do its job. The engine may also be harmed, necessitating expensive future repairs. The following are advantages that high-quality motor oil synthetic gives your car when used properly.

1. Reduce Oxidation 

When oxidation takes place, it alters the chemical composition. High temperatures, water, acids, and catalysts like copper all speed up oxidation. With time, the rate of oxidation accelerates. Temperature increases also shorten a lubricant’s service life. The oil will become denser due to oxidation, and varnish and sludge deposits will also form. Hence it becomes essential to change the Signature Series motor oil synthetic annually  for the engine’s smooth performance.

2. Recover Viscosity Loss 

A lubricant’s viscosity is its most crucial component. The degree to which the oil safeguards your car depends on how it responds to temperature, pressure, or speed variations. For an engine, lubricants with too low of viscosity could lead to increased wear, metal-to-metal contact, increased oil use, damaging deposits, and more frequent top-offs. Synthetic lubricants, including AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, provide superior cold flow when the temperature drops. To save your engine from wear and tear, change the oil regularly.

3. Removal Of Sludge 

Dirt and debris particles are harmful to engines. They can cause corrosion and drastically shorten your engine’s lifespan if they are allowed to build up over time. Over time, as oil flows, it reacts with this dirt and debris and creates a compound that resembles sludge. As the oil degrades, it reduces its performance and the engine’s pollution. It’s crucial to replace the oil frequently to cycle out the filthy ones. As a result, the oil cleans the surface by eliminating dirt and debris. Changing the motor oil and filter on time and checking the AMSOIL Ea oil filter for sludge and dirt enhance the engine’s longevity.. 

4. Cools The Engine

One of the most harmful effects of an engine is a thermal breakdown, which happens when a car’s internal heat triggers a chemical reaction in the motor oil that alters the viscosity of the oil. The motor oil will deteriorate if the engine heats above a specific temperature threshold. In such a scenario changing the engine oil is crucial. Oil performs an important part on transferring the heat out of the engine. Clean oil transfers heat more efficiently than dirty oil.

5. Increases Mileage

An engine’s capacity to burn fuel is reduced when it is improperly oiled. As a result, you use more fuel than necessary when operating a car that needs fresh motor oil. If the drivers change their oil regularly and use the proper oil, their gas mileage may increase significantly. If you change your motor oil regularly, you could save the equivalent of an entire gallon of fuel between oil changes, considerably reducing the cost of having your oil changed.

Maintain The Routine Of Changing The Motor Oil!

It would help if you established a schedule for changing your oil and frequently monitoring your oil levels. Shop for AMSOIL Signature Series motor oil from Northern Plains Lubes and improve our engine’s performance. Contact us to know interesting and helpful facts about our AMSOIL products.