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Amsoil Gear Lube


Improve Your Car"s Mechanicals With Our AMSOIL Gear Lube!

Modern vehicles produce substantially more horsepower, torque, and towing capacity, which ultimately causes a lot of drag in the vehicle's drive train. Thus, to reduce the drag and increase the fuel economy, many lubes are used for the mechanical parts. Such as AMSOIL gear lube provides lubrication to the gears of the vehicles that allow the vehicles driven wheels to revolve at different speeds. Thus, the gear lubes are necessary for providing more protection to the mechanical gears of the vehicle.

Further, the wax-free formula of the gear lube improves the cold flow properties for better performance in cold weather. Its flexible packaging makes hard-to-reach gear lube changes more accessible, faster, and cleaner. It contains no friction modifiers and promotes smooth shifting and positive clutch engagement.

How AMSOIL Aids In Improving The Transmission Of Your Car?

AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid is specially designed to increase the performance of the transmissions, provide robust heat protection, and wear resistance. AMSOIL ATF works efficiently in resisting the breakdown from extreme heat, thereby helping to prevent viscosity loss and acid, carbon, and varnish formation.

Why Opt For AMSOIL For Smooth Functioning Of Your Vehicle?

AMSOIL marine gear lube delivers exceptional wear protection even when contaminated with 15% water. These are compatible with other conventional oils and are excellent for fast-accelerating and high-horsepower boats. Apart from these, the other benefits that come with using AMSOIL for your vehicle are listed below.

Protects Against Wear

Fortified with extreme pressure additives, AMSOIL metal protector works against shock loading from cavitation of heavily loaded engines.

Resists Rust And Foam

Designed to resist rust and foam and is compatible with aluminum, silver, and brass alloys.

Easy Packaging Ensures Hassle-free Maintenance

Its easy packaging reduces mess and hassle while changing gear oil.

Allows Smooth, Confident Shifts

It is engineered to control heat, prevent slippage, and promote long clutch life.

Works As A Cleaning Agent

It prevents sludge formation and carbon deposits for superior engine cleanliness.

Lubricate Your Vehicle's Engine With Our AMSOIL Signature Series Lubricants!

Vehicles are prone to rust and damage from many external and internal factors. Thus, for smooth functioning and efficient performance, the operator must change their oil on a timely basis and opt for high-quality AMSOIL products. If you are looking for an oil and lubricant change for your vehicle, contact AMSOIL Inc. to get exclusive deals on all their products and place an order AMSOIL.