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What Makes AMSOIL Compressor Oil Different From Other Compressor Oils?

Every compressor machine has a specific type of compressor that needs a specific type of lubricating oil. These lubricating oils save the compressor from pollutants, dirt, dust, or other corrosion agents. However, using just any lubricating oil on your compressor can do potential damage over time, as each type of compressormachine has its lubricating oil requirements. Using high-quality AMSOIL compressor oil ensures you get the right amount of dedicated additives to shield your compressor from contaminants like never before. Therefore, it is essential to pick separate compressor oils for your machines. Read this post further to know how compressor oil differs from conventional oil.

How Does AMSOIL Compressor Oil Differ From Other Oils?

Air compressors logically require oil for lubrication. When you choose compressor oil, you do not just choose any oil but one that knows the vital conditions of your compressors. Further, it needs to add additives like AMSOIL Compressor Oil for smooth operation and maintenance of compressors. Let’s walk through this post to identify the reasons for selecting compressor oil over regular engine oils.

1. It Reduces The Water Contamination Problem In Compressors

Generally, water vapors can be formed in the compressors, leading to an unwanted mix of oil and water emulsion. this further results in corrosion or rust of the compressors. AMSOIL compressor oil is a stable oil that saves compressors from hydrolyzing vapors. Moreover, it resists the formation of acids, making oil an anti-rust fortified option.

2. Contributes To Compressor Efficiency

AMSOIL oil for compressors is known for its low friction properties, enhanced operating efficiency, and resistance to viscosity increase from oxidation. Thus, having separate compressor oil with essential additives is a wise choice for improved efficiency and longevity.

3. Good For your Compressor Safety

AMSOIL compressor oil is a high-flash-point formulation that comes in an ashless form with a very low-carbon forming tendency. Therefore, you will notice a reduction in ignition-promoting hot spot events. These oils are highly non-flammable to provide compressors for improved fire safety.

4. Prevents Premature Wear And Tear

Regular engine oil does not have active agents that provide essential lubrication to the compressor from the corroding elements. However, AMSOIL compressor oil controls oxidation, wear, oxidation and heat. Further, it protects from high-contact regions to shield against wear for lower maintenance costs and better compressor life.

5. It Resists Oxidation And Heat

AMSOIL oil for compressors comes with the inherent quality of premium synthetic base oils known for their stability. Further, these oils are blended with high-quality anti-oxidant additives to reduce acid or carbon formation. Thus, it lasts longer than regular lubricated oil, especially in the summer.

Boost Your Compressor Performance With AMSOIL Compressor Oil Today!
AMSOIL Synthetic oils are known for their high performance and better stability. These oils are engineered with care to ensure your machine or its components last longer. Further, using AMSOIL compressor oil makes sure you get the best protection from corrosion. Are you looking for one of the best AMSOIL Compressor oils for sale? You can rely on AMSOIL INC for the finest-quality engineered synthetic oils curated to meet your compressor machinery needs that readily increase the performance of compressor operation. Contact us to explore more about our Lubrication products.

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