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What Are Some Motor Oil Synthetic Myths That Needs To Be Debunked?

Synthetic motor oil is an incredible advancement in engine lubrication, meticulously engineered through chemical processes to deliver unparalleled performance and protection. It is created by blending carefully selected base oils with specially formulated additives, resulting in a lubricant with consistent and predictable properties. The scope of synthetic motor oil is vast, catering to numerous applications, including passenger vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, and high-performance engines. Its purpose is to meet the rigorous demands of modern engines that often operate under challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures, heavy loads, and stop-and-go traffic.

Synthetic motor oil offers remarkable benefits, including improved viscosity stability, reduced friction, superior wear protection, and exceptional resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown. Therefore, removing the un-relevant information or myths revolving around the oil is necessary. It will help you buy the right oil from a great store for your vehicle.

Top 7 Common Synthetic Motor Oil Myths Debunked 

The overarching goal of AMSOIL motor oil is to optimize engine performance, safeguard vital components, and ensure engine longevity. Its exceptional lubricating properties ensure critical engine parts like pistons, rings, and bearings are effectively coated and protected against wear and friction. Synthetic motor oil promotes cleaner engines by minimizing deposit formation and sludge buildup. Moreover, it excels at shielding engines from heat, oxidation, and contaminants, which ultimately extends engine life, enhances fuel efficiency, and reduces maintenance requirements. Read this detailed blog to learn more about it for a carefree purchase.

1. Synthetic Motor Oil Is Not Necessary For My Vehicle

Understanding the benefits synthetic motor oils, such as AMSOIL, can provide to your vehicle is important. While conventional motor oils can meet the basic requirements of most vehicles, synthetic motor oils offer several advantages. They provide superior lubrication, improved resistance to breakdown under high temperatures, reduced deposit formation, and enhanced engine protection, especially in extreme operating conditions. Choosing synthetic oil can contribute to better engine performance, longevity, and overall reliability.

2. Synthetic Motor Oil Causes Engine Leaks

There is a common misconception that synthetic motor oils can cause engine leaks. However, it’s important to clarify that modern synthetic motor oil, including AMSOIL, is specifically formulated to be fully compatible with engine seals and gaskets. They undergo rigorous testing to maintain the necessary balance between lubrication and sealing properties. Synthetic motor oils will not cause leaks unless there is an existing issue with the engine components, such as worn-out seals. Their superior formulation may help prevent leaks by maintaining optimal sealing conditions within the engine.

3. Synthetic Motor Oil Decreases Fuel Efficiency

Another misconception is that using synthetic motor oil can decrease fuel efficiency. However, this is not true. Synthetic motor oils are designed to minimize internal engine friction and provide smoother operation. By reducing friction, these oils can help improve fuel efficiency. While the difference in fuel economy may be subtle, the superior lubrication properties of synthetic oils contribute to more efficient engine performance, allowing your vehicle to run smoothly and effectively.

4. They Need To Be Changed More Frequently Than Conventional Oil

Some people believe that synthetic motor oil requires more frequent oil changes than conventional oils. However, this is not accurate. Synthetic motor oils, such as AMSOIL, are engineered to withstand higher temperatures, resist oxidation and degradation, and maintain their performance for longer durations. As a result, they typically have longer drain intervals than conventional oils. It’s important to consult your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and follow the prescribed oil change intervals, often extended for synthetic oils.

5. Using Synthetic Motor Oil Voids My Vehicle’s Warranty

There is a concern among some vehicle owners that using synthetic motor oil could void their vehicle’s warranty. However, it’s essential to understand that the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act protects consumers from warranty invalidation due to the use of aftermarket products, including synthetic motor oils, as long as those products meet the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, like other reputable brands, meet or exceed industry standards and are designed to perform within vehicle manufacturers’ guidelines. Therefore, using AMSOIL synthetic motor oil will not void your vehicle’s warranty.

6. Synthetic Motor Oil Is Too Expensive

Cost is certainly a consideration when choosing motor oil for your vehicle. While synthetic motor oils generally have a higher price point than conventional oils, it’s crucial to consider the long-term benefits and potential cost savings they can provide. Motor oil synthetic, such as Amsoil, offers superior performance, extended drain intervals, and enhanced engine protection. By reducing engine wear and potential repair costs, synthetic oils can ultimately prove to be cost-effective investments in the long run. Additionally, the peace of mind and confidence that come with using high-quality synthetic motor oil further justify the price.

7. It Is Only Beneficial For High-Performance Vehicles

Synthetic motor oil benefits all types of vehicles, not just high-performance ones. While it is true that high-performance engines can greatly benefit from the superior protection and lubrication properties of synthetic oil, even everyday vehicles can experience noticeable improvements with the use of synthetic motor oil like AMSOIL. The enhanced lubrication, reduced friction, and superior resistance to AMSOIL Motor Oil make synthetic oils suitable for a wide range of applications. Regardless of the vehicle type, synthetic motor oil can contribute to better engine performance, improved fuel efficiency, and increased engine longevity.

Add Synthetic Oil To Improve The Engine Life!

AMSOIL Motor Oil is an advanced lubricant designed to meet the challenges of modern engines. Its scope encompasses various vehicles and engines, and its common goal is to provide superior performance, protection, and longevity by offering improved lubrication, reduced friction, and enhanced resistance to heat and contaminants. 

To ensure the best results for your vehicle, it is always recommended to consult your owner’s manual and follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the appropriate type and viscosity of motor oil. By doing so, you can make an informed decision and provide your vehicle with the care it deserves. Get your favorite synthetic oil only from AMSOIL inc. to ensure you get the best for your money.

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